COVID-19 Precautions


Westchester Park Pediatrics, PLLC is a state of the art, new renovated practice specializing in pediatric and adolescent medicine. We believe in evolving therefore creating a space that offers the latest technology. Our new office offers Spot-Check & Vital Signs Monitors, EMR ready ultrasonic measuring stations with height and weight voice guidance, EMR baby scales with wifi, uv high occupancy wall mountable air purifier and sanitizer as well as the latest medical software available.

We offer more than state of the art equipment. We have also integrated tools, protocols and safety guidelines to stop the spread of Coronavirus. We continue to follow strict protocols for the safety our patients. We have a large list of testing done at our facility all done in one location such as:

• Molecular testing for FLU.RSV, STREP, COVID
• Lead testing
• Blood
• Eye
• Hearing

Exam rooms and public areas are being disinfected with fogger treatments daily. Daily disinfecting and cleaning with approved disinfectant wipes and aerosols. All our physicians maintain proper PPE. We have also implemented a high tech security system with patient entrance control when needed. High Tech TV systems have been added in the exam rooms for entertainment and future Telemedicine support DIRECTLY in the patient rooms. And since it can’t be all work no play we have added a new high tech play room with
oversized touch pad play area and additional entertainment equipment. We continue with
our commitment to protect the health and safety of our patients and their families.


Spot-Check & Vital Signs Monitor


Easy to operate device for all four vital signs blood pressure,

temperature, pulse rate and SpO2



EMR ready ultrasonic measuring
station for height and weight with voice guidance.

Intelligent and precise equipment that measures height, weight, and
three pairs of sensors that constantly auto-calibrate to ensure the most accurate results.


EMR ready baby scale with Wi-Fi function.

Reliable baby scale with LCD Display and Wifi. Digital measuring rod and flat cradle for babies comfort.

Wall Mountable UVC Air Purifier and HEPA Filter - GermAway UV
A safe and efficient way to sanitizer and disinfect the air in high traffic occupied areas.analysis and much more.




GermAwayUV High Occupancy Wall Mountable Air Purifier and Sanitizer

A safe and efficient way to sanitizer and disinfect the air in high traffic occupied areas.

Exam room and public area disinfectant fogger treatments

The new standard in infection control.