Ear Piercing in White Plains, NY

Ear piercing is a rite of passage in many families, but taking your small child to a piercing shop at the mall is not recommended. Ear piercing requires a sterile environment and a strong understanding of proper preparation and aftercare.

At Westchester Park Pediatrics, we use the Bloomdahl sterile medical system. Available only through medical professionals, the Bloomdahl system uses only medical grade plastic or titanium piercing earrings to avoid contact allergies. It is also an entirely aseptic system that locks out contamination. We provide detailed aftercare instructions, and encourage parents to call us with any questions.

We provide ear piercing starting at 2 months of age, after your child receives the first set of immunizations. Piercing at a younger age is not safe due to an increased risk of infection and the likelihood of infection leading to hospitalization in babies younger than 2 months. Note that we do charge a fee for this service, and it is not covered by insurance.

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