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When your child has a plantar wart or other type of wart, it can be irritating, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. The team at Westchester Park Pediatrics in Purchase, New York, offers nonsurgical wart removal for children of all ages. To schedule your child’s wart removal, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Wart Removal Q & A

What is wart removal?

Wart removal is a simple, painless procedure that kills the infection that causes raised, hard, flesh-colored, or brown growths on your child's skin. Your child may have a single wart, a cluster of warts, or several scattered over their body. 

The most common areas for children to have warts are:

  • Bottoms of feet 
  • Between toes or fingers
  • Knees or elbows
  • On the forehead and cheeks

Warts are common and not a cause for serious concern, but they can be painful, embarrassing, and spread from one child to another. Wart removal can protect your child and others from the infection that lies below the skin's surface. 

What types of warts does wart removal treat?

The team at Westchester Park Pediatrics uses Histofreezer® cryotherapy to remove three main types of warts:

  • Plantar warts that typically grow on the soles of the feet
  • Simple warts that grow anywhere on the body, especially on the hands and fingers
  • Molluscum contagiosum that grow in clusters, anywhere from 2-20

Cryotherapy may also be an effective treatment for flat warts, which grow in larger groups of 20-100 on the face, arms, and legs, and filiform warts that can grow in long, thin, spiky threads on the face. 

Some warts are difficult to eradicate and may return after treatment. In this case, your pediatrician may need to make a small incision and remove the wart surgically. 

How does cryotherapy wart removal work?

Histofreezer cryotherapy works by using a specially designed swab tip to apply a freezing agent to the wart. The treatment uses extremely cold temperatures to kill the underlying infection that causes your child's warts. 

Typically, it takes one to four treatments to effectively eliminate warts. Sessions last less than a minute per wart and should be spaced out by two weeks for repeat treatments. 

After cryotherapy, the wart turns white and may develop a scab as the infection dies. It is essential that your child doesn't pick or bother the scabs, as doing so could cause a skin infection. 

For effective, painless wart removal, call the office or schedule an appointment with Westchester Park Pediatrics today.