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When your child has a cut or laceration, it helps to know that stitches and staples aren’t the only way to care for their wound. The team at Westchester Park Pediatrics in Purchase, New York, offers Dermabond® surgical skin glue for painless, effective wound care. For a same-day appointment, call the office or book online today.

Wound Care Q & A

What is pediatric wound care? 

Children are prone to skin injuries, superficial cuts, and lacerations. Unfortunately, not all wounds heal effectively without treatment, and some injuries need extra help to prevent injection, scarring, or further injury.


Your child’s cut or laceration may need medical attention if their wound:


  • Doesn’t stop bleeding after holding pressure for five minutes
  • Looks deep or gaping 
  • Is on their face, lips, or neck
  • Has glass or other debris in it
  • Has a foreign object lodged inside


If their wound is squirting blood or is severe, they may need emergency medical care. For minor wounds and superficial skin injuries, the team at Westchester Park Pediatrics uses Dermabond® surgical skin glue whenever possible. 

How is Dermabond used for wound care?

Dermabond is surgical glue that your pediatrician uses to close minor cuts and lacerations. It’s a unique formula that is safe and effective to use on your child's skin and can help them avoid having to get stitches or staples in many cases. 

Dermabond is most effective when used on superficial wounds located on the chest, belly, back, extremities, face, and forehead. Areas that move frequently, like joints, fingers, and toes, may need to be splinted during the healing process to prevent too much tension on the skin. 

Dermabond isn't as effective in areas where there’s hair, so it may not be the best option for the eyebrow or the crown of the head. Your pediatrician determines if nonsurgical treatment is ideal for your child's injury, or if stitches or staples would be a better choice. 

What are the benefits of using Dermabond for wound care?

Dermabond has many benefits, especially for use with children. Some of the benefits include:

  • No needles or anesthesia
  • Faster healing times
  • It’s water-resistant and antimicrobial
  • No follow-up appointments 
  • No suture removal
  • Short treatment time, usually 2-5 minutes
  • No suture scars 

Dermabond is a less-traumatic wound-care option for you and your child than getting stitches or staples, as the treatment is quick and painless. 

How can I care for my child’s wound at home after Dermabond?

After your child has a wound closed with Dermabond, you must follow some guidelines to maintain the integrity of the surgical glue. 

As their wound heals, check regularly: 

  • For signs of infection, including increased redness, swelling, or pain
  • That the dressing is dry and clean
  • That there is no tape or other adhesive touching the Dermabond
  • That your child isn’t peeling or scratching the site

You should not apply lotion or any antibacterial creams to the Dermabond treatment area. They may bathe, but do not soak or scrub the wound site. After bathing, gently blot the area dry and don't rub too vigorously. Avoid exposing the site to the sun for extended periods. 

If your child has a minor cut or skin injury, call the office to schedule a same-day appointment with Westchester Park Pediatrics for expert wound care using Dermabond.